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Prior Entrance

(*Sellers qualified with above conditions enjoy preferential policy on Haixuan platform)
  • Well-known foreign brands
  • Possibility of using Haixuan warehouse
  • Experienced and able to cope with API connection and to run by itself
  • Copy of company certificate, registration or authorization and Custom form


  • 1. Sellers submit application online: register with precise information which shall be sent to relevant manager in charge;

    2. Communication: branding manager will contact sellers to verify company information and answer questions;

    3. Confirm cooperation:branding manager will go through contract, shop style, charging standard and period of settlement with sellers.

  • 1. List of certificate in need and contract shall be sent to sellers;

    2. Sellers sign contracts and mail certificates and the contract to Haixuan contact;

    3. Examination and verification of contract and qualification: legal operation department shall handle examination and verification.

  • 1. Products information:sellers shall offer images and description of products that are ready for sale on Haixuan;

    2. Charges to be paid:sellers pay for deposit and usage fees;

    3. Sales online:as an online shop is open,sellers or Haixuan operation team uploads images and Haixuan is responsible for daily operation and activities which is cooperated with sellers.

Differences between Haixuan and other platforms?

1. Forge a “facebook” of import e-biz platform;

2. Currently, domestic market of import e-biz is a chaos. Smuggle, procurement, counterfeit products, tax evasion and price-disorder are universal which ruin protection of customer rights and could potentially cause intellectual rights of international brands;

3. As a country of large consumption market, China is popular with e-biz consumption as well, opening a huge room for overseas commodities, European goods especially;

4. On one hand, due to lack of information of Chinese market, foreign enterprises have to invest large amount of money into this market;

5. On the other hand, shopping experience is interrupted by long-time transportation and/or quality of products;

6. To fully grab chance generated by digital and new consumption model, IZP established an import platform——Haixuan with new technologies and business model to assist development for foreign brands so that consumers enjoy easy shopping on Haixuan.

Relevant contact

Origin of Brands Teams Manager Telephone
Overseas Brand Owners Japan Mr. Ma 010-56512764
Europe Mr. Liu 010-56512908
America Mr. Su 010-56512809
Domestic Agents & Distrabutor China Ms. Ao 010-56512791
China Mr. Wen 010-56512884
China Mr. Yang 010-56512760